Hi-Care Services at MCAST Freshers’ 2023

Hi-Care Services at MCAST Freshers’ 2023

Here at Hi-Care Services, we are thrilled to be participating in MCAST Freshers’ 2023!

Freshers’ Week activities will happen from 9 October to 11 October at the Paola Campus, 12 October at the Mosta Campus and 13 October at the Gozo Campus. Find the full agenda on the MCAST’s website.

Hi-Care Freshers’ Week 2023, Hi-Care Services stand

As students return to campus, ready to embark on a new year of learning and growth, Hi-Care Services welcomes and assists them on their career journey. Visit Hi-Care’s stand among the other 160, all showcasing education and career opportunities for students.

We are here to help you make meaningful connections and assist you with all your career choices. Trust in Hi-Care Services’ skilful personnel to guide you in finding your best career choice; they will guide you every step of the way, matching your skills and aspirations with the right job opportunities.

Join us at our booth to learn about our top-notch recruiting and outsourcing.

Hi-Care Services Cleaning Team


Are you interested in changing the job, or maybe you are working on your skills and looking to change industry. We got you covered.

What we do?

We pride ourselves on maintaining a professional approach, ensuring consistency whether you are looking for a new career or searching for staff, in need of premium cleaners or handymen services, or considering outsourcing in general. Rest assured that our resources and drive to exceed expectations will meet all your requirements with exceptional results.

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