We are a customer-oriented company and we thrive to exceed and anticipate your expectations by consistently delivering exceptional service every time.

Our Story

Our services include:

Cleaning Services | Handyman Service | Outsourcing | Recruitment

And we have a dedicated team that is in charge of handling each of these specialisations. 

Our team is on hand to provide you with the services you need when you need them, so that you don’t need to worry about such tasks.


Let us be your partners and handle the work so that you can focus on other areas.


Marketing & Technology

We use technology in our daily work by creating a series of interviews that will narrow down the field of work positions and assess the best leads using the latest scientific methods and criteria. Moreover, we make sure that the best candidates find us first online through the partnership with the best marketing agencies on the island.

Value & Integrity

As an employer, you are searching for valuable candidates, this is why we do our very best to search, find, interview and source the very best candidates possible who will fit a given profile and who demonstrate excellent moral and ethical principles at their job.

Leads & Innovation

At HI-Care Services, we use the latest tools available to generate leads and capture information about possible candidates. We created a customised pipeline to capture, locate and identify potential candidates before you will need them, enabling you to have a top-quality candidate in the shortest time possible.





Let’s Work Together!

Contact us and submit your vacancy and we will do our best to find you a suitable candidate in no time

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